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2020: Solidarity and Innovation: Reshaping Tourism in the New Global Economy
Two key words embody the focus of GTEF 2020: solidarity and innovation. Bringing these concepts to the forefront, GTEF will bring together international thought leaders from across the public and private sectors and academic organizations to discuss how they have met the challenges of 2020, their solutions for rebuilding consumer confidence and developing new markets and products, and how the sector can play a key role in promoting a broader global recovery.
2019: Tourism and Leisure: Roadmap to a Beautiful Life
The Global Tourism Economy Forum 2019 put Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Beautiful Life concept at the core of its discussion on the global tourism economy, showing that as more people crosses international borders every day, tourism and leisure have the potential to spur mutual understanding and enhance quality of life and happiness, ultimately, creating a harmonious and beautiful life for all.
2018: Strategic Partnership in a New Era, Rising Momentum for a Shared Future!
Embarking on a new era, and continuing on a path of common development, cooperation and peace towards a community of shared future, China has pledged to broaden its market access, strengthen strategic partnership in trade and investment, and promote economic globalization.
2017 Regional Collaboration Towards A Better Future
Championing China’s visionary Belt and Road Initiative, Global Tourism Economy Forum 2017 explores how tourism collaboration characterized
by shared interests and mutual respect is conducive to the building of “a community of common destiny” between nations and regions, creating opportunities and synergies, and advancing world peace and prosperity.
2016 The Growing Consumer Class – Rethinking and Reshaping the Future Tourism Landscape
Asia and the Pacific continues to be one of the fastest growing tourism regions in the world, and the growing middle class in the region has become an emerging force that is reshaping the tourism landscape and ecosystem. With the largest share of this growing consumer class, China is projected to reach a staggering growth of outbound tourists by one-fold by 2020. As the number one source market, China produces travellers with distinctive profiles and preferences.
Global Tourism Economy Forum 2016 looks at global tourism from an entirely new perspective, that of the consumers, focusing on the surging influence of this resourceful and tech-savvy consumer class in the tourism industry, and the new opportunities and challenges brought by this consumption growth.
2015: Belt and Road Initiative: Unleashing the New Dynamics of Cultural Tourism
First to lead the dialogue on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and its impact on tourism and global economy in 2014, Global Tourism Economy Forum 2015 is again the first to start the discussion on how the Belt and Road Initiative can play a role in catalyzing the transformation of cultural heritage into tourism resources, maintaining a sustainable balance of destination preservation and promotion.
2014: Maritime Silk Road – From Macau We Begin
A timely and precise response to the growing interest in the Maritime Silk Road (MSR), the third edition of GTEF initiates a comprehensive dialogue to explore the contemporary reinvention of the region through tourism initiatives as well as relevant business opportunities arisen, with panels and presentations delivered by key government leaders and industry experts across the MSR countries. Through the theme of Maritime Silk Road, GTEF unveils an ocean of potential growth, with new tourism and related economic opportunities emerging at all levels.
2013: Regenerate our Economies: Invest in Travel and Tourism
Tourism industry has increased its contributions to real economy in recent years, not only bringing considerable economic income and creating many job opportunities, but also giving rise to tourism-related industries and driving their development. This leads to full realization of industrial diversification among regional economies and advancement toward the goal of long-term sustainable development. The second edition of GTEF gathers key decision-makers in the global travel and tourism sector to discuss why and how investment in tourism industry can revitalize.
2012: Growth Driving Growth:

Examining the Synergistic Interplay between Tourism and Economic Development
Tourism is an economic and social catalyst for growth. Driving economic growth through tourism is recognized to be one of the
most effective strategies which can be aligned with the global socioeconomic trends, and subsequently benefits all levels of the society.
The Forum explores how five topical subjects, including Mega Events & Festivals, Emerging New Markets, Media & Technology,
Destination Planning, and Lifestyle & Entertainments, can effectively shape the industry and bring benefits to the entire sphere of tourism economy.